(xt) The Rock to replace Roman Reigns as new Tribal Chief after he loses his title at WrestleMania? Exploring the possibility

The feud between the two stars could reach a boiling pointThe feud between the two stars could reach a boiling point

The Rock and Roman Reigns are allied and heading into WrestleMania as members of the Bloodline. However, if the latter loses his title at The Show of Shows, there’s a chance that the Brahma Bull will replace him as the Tribal Chief and take over the stable.

The Rock returned to WWE hoping to face Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania.

He had expected Cody Rhodes to step aside and give him the shot at the title. When he didn’t do that, The Brahma Bull was surprised and somewhat offended. As a result, he ended up allying with Reigns as part of the Bloodline.

With Rhodes having challenged him to a match at any point of his choosing, the feud is likely to continue heading into WrestleMania.

As for Reigns, it’s expected that Cody Rhodes will be the one to walk away with the title this time, unlike last year when Reigns retained it following an attack by Solo Sikoa.

Should Cody Rhodes succeed and finally beat Roman Reigns, the Bloodline will be without a title for the first time since its formation. The Rock is sure to be unhappy in such a situation.

While he’s teaming with Reigns, goodwill can only last so long in the face of failure, and he’d take the opportunity to undercut Reigns and take over the leadership of the Bloodline and the Anoa’i family as the new Tribal Chief.


Given his seniority and popularity, stars are sure to throw their lots in with him as well, and Rock could always bring other Anoa’i family members to WWE as a board member.

In such a situation, Reigns would find himself not only without his championship but his title of Tribal Chief, as well as his family.

Roman Reigns and The Rock are bound to face each other at some point

While Roman Reigns and The Rock are currently on the same side, that may be just because of Cody Rhodes’ popularity.

For many fans, The Rock facing Reigns has always been a dream match, and one that WWE would be eager to deliver on.

The company might set up a feud between the two family members by creating issues between them after WrestleMania. It remains to be seen if that’s how it plays out.

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