“I just thought that was kind of brilliant”: Charlize Theron Wants Bruce Willis’ ‘Die Hard’ Reboot With Lesbian Twist After Becoming Hollywood’s Leading Action Diva

The Old Guard, Atomic Blonde, and Mad Max: Fury Road all featured Charlize Theron in action roles for which she won an Academy Award. Theron has expressed an interest in taking the lead in a lesbian-themed remake of Die Hard.

Both fans and experts have responded positively to this surprising turn of events. Theron’s enthusiasm for the part reflects her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in action films.

A Lesbian-themed Die Hard May Be A Brilliant Idea

Die Hard

Die Hard

In 2020, Theron responded to a tweet that piqued her interest in the lesbian-led Die Hard reboot. The tweet alluded to a potential plot for a movie in which Charlize Theron’s character risks everything to save her wife.

Where do I sign https://t.co/nO47Bj28CN

— Charlize Theron (@CharlizeAfrica) December 8, 2020

Theron’s “Where do I sign?” remark resonated with viewers and solidified their belief that she will continue challenging the status quo of action films. Theron expressed her enthusiasm for the project in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, praising the idea as brilliant and saying she was eager to get involved.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s a great idea. That’s why I replied on Twitter. Because I just thought that was kind of brilliant. I was like, “This person needs to start pitching. That’s a great idea.” And the fact that it would be two women, I was like, ‘Yeah, sign me on.’”

Charlize Theron’s filmography speaks volumes about how far women’s representation in action films has come. She has repeatedly demonstrated that women can excel in traditionally male-dominated genres by portraying strong, complex, and physically capable characters.

Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron.

But it wasn’t a smooth road to the top of the Hollywood action diva charts for her. While filming The Italian Job, Charlize Theron revealed that she was misunderstood and treated differently than her male co-stars.

Charlize Theron’s experience motivated her to fight against gender stereotypes in the workplace. She enthusiastically took on the challenge of learning to perform complex stunts and action sequences for her roles.

The actress outshone her male co-stars thanks to her dedication and talent, proving that women can give compelling and exciting performances in action films. Theron’s perseverance in the face of adversity has earned her the respect of her peers and inspired other women in Hollywood to fight for their right to be treated fairly and given equal opportunities.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Hollywood

Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron.

Promoting diversity and inclusion in Hollywood, Charlize Theron wants to star in a Die Hard reboot with a lesbian protagonist. Theron aims to shake things up and make ground-breaking stories that speak to a wider audience by incorporating underrepresented voices and examining alternative narratives.

Studios are more open to action movies with unconventional protagonists after the success of films like The Old Guard, which featured diverse characters and storylines. Adding a lesbian spin to the classic Die Hard series would bring new life into the franchise, allowing writers to explore more nuanced relationships and broaden the action genre.

Theron’s participation would unquestionably increase the project’s significance and spark necessary conversations about LGBTQ+ representation in mainstream cinema. Charlize Theron’s rise to prominence as Hollywood’s preeminent action diva has inspired and opened new doors for women in film.

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