Offset Reveals Intimate Details Of He And Cardi B’s S * x Life

Offset surprised fans with how many intimate details he was willing to share.

Over the weekend, Offset and Cardi B teamed up for a new single called ‘JEALOUSY.’ The song played on their relationship and some of the public drama that has resulted from it. Cardi B grabbed headlines for entirely different reasons this weekend. She threw her microphone at a fan during a show in Las Vegas.

Cardi B Confirms She's Single As Offset Denies Cheating Rumors

While that story could ultimately end with Cardi catching a battery charge, it still didn’t stop Offset from discussing their new song on a recent radio appearance. What fans probably weren’t ready for was the explicit detail he was willing to get into.

Offset starts the interview discussing the selfish way that many men approach intimacy. But in his case, everything he does is to make his wife feel good. The rapper goes as far as to say that he ‘studies her body.’ He does that so he knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

He concludes the exchange with a simple declaration, ‘our sh*t is like magic.’ Fans in the comments largely agreed with them. ‘This why she hooked on phonics , when a man takes time to learn your body it’s a whole new level of intimacy,’ reads the top comment. ‘He really just loves his wife and y’all (haters) hate that,’ says another. Some took the opportunity to point out that if it was really that great, why has the rapper been accused of cheating in the past. ‘If It’s so magic why you keep cheating on her.’

Offset Spills Details On Personal Life With Cardi B

Cardi B planning 'do not disturb' summer after Offset accuses her of  cheating on him

Offset discussed those very cheating allegations over the weekend. In the same interview, he explained the way that being young and on drugs contributed to his bad decision to cheat on Cardi B. He also mentioned that both artists having their private life unfold in the public eye also contributed to their miscommunications.

Earlier this year Offset surprises fans by reuniting with Quavo at the BET Awards to pay tribute to their fellow Migos member Takeoff, who was tragically killed last year. What do you think of Offset revealing details of him and Cardi B’s personal life? Let us know in the comment section below.

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