(X) ‘He Broke My Heart’: Lady Gaga for the First Time Spoke About Her Relationship With Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s relationship has become one of the most scandalous stories laden with rumors, in the absence of reliable facts. The couple portrayed a great love story in the Oscar-winning movie “A Star is Born”.

Afterwards, Gaga and Bradley actively flirted and flaunted their chemistry at the Oscars. Cooper’s breakup with his former partner, model Irina Shayk, drew all the attention to the love triangle.

However, the story of a happy ending to the love story attributed to the singer and the actor did not materialize. According to insiders, Irina Shayk moved out of Bradley Cooper’s mansion in July, soon Lady Gaga moved in.

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, 2019 Oscars

In a few weeks, she even had time to start changing the interior and ordering new furniture. Gaga’s friends claimed the couple were getting married, and Bradley was already looking for an engagement ring.

But no such luck, the engagement never took place. According to Gaga, the actor ended the relationship by breaking her heart. “It was passion, but not love,” reports Lady Gaga.

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga

Fans, on the other hand, who have not heard a coherent and direct explanation from the participants in the story themselves, suspect that it was not even passion but a skillfully staged performance to fuel interest in the movie “A Star is Born”, where the main participants in the scandal played starring roles.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

After all, Gaga has repeatedly been in the crosshairs of paparazzi cameras in restaurants and bars, not with Bradley at all, but with Dan Horton. In recent months, tabloids have attributed Cooper’s affairs with various actresses. But the close attention of the press and fans to the development of this story has not yet weakened.

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga

Maybe Gaga’s broken heart can still be glued together, and her love story with Bradley Cooper will have a happy ending.

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