Selena Gomez Gave Justin Bieber Her Virginity; The Bieb Claims Bragging Rights; All We Got Was a T-Shirt

Justin Bieber popped Selena Gomez’s cherry and wants the world to know it. Well, Justin wanted one of his friends to know that Selena give him her virginity and Bieber’s friend wants the world to know.

Justin Bieber boasted to a friend that he knew Selena Gomez was “In love with me when she gave me her virginity.” Selena Gomez said “Come and Get It” to Justin Bieber when they were dating in 2011. Then Justin bragged about it.

Selena Gomez 'Is In A Really Good Place' After Justin Bieber Split

A source close to the Gomez and Bieber told about Selena and Justin’s “first time.” The insider said it all started at a romantic escape to Palm Springs, Calif.  The source said “It was in the summer of 2011. They flew to Palm Springs for a couple days and had a super private place to stay.”

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber began dating in December 2010. Justin’s friend said he planned trip specifically for the special occasion. Gomez was about to turn 19 years old and the Bieber was 17.

Bieber told Rolling Stone magazine n February 2011 that he and Gomez were abstaining from sex until they were in love. Nothing says love like Palm Springs.

The friend said “The purpose of the trip was 100 percent because Selena finally said ‘yes’ to having sex with him. They agreed because they both said they were in love.”

The insider told “Justin told me, ‘I knew she was in love with me when she gave me her virginity.’ He said it with no embarrassment or shyness whatsoever.”‘

Bieber and Gomez started dating in December 2010 but they broke up in November 2012. The breakup didn’t last. They got back together the same month. But they split again in January 2013 after a falling out. According to media reports Selena went to rehab for two weeks. Gomez bailed before she finished the course of treatment she signed up for. Selena and Justin stayed close. Gomez reportedly went to Bieber’s aid last month when headlines were getting out of control. Gomez defended Bieber during his legal troubles.

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