Tearful Confession: List of famous people who are supposedly to be in the Illuminati dark forces

Lucifer is said to have a special affinity to stringed instruments, particularly violins and guitars. In exchange for just one soul, any condition, the Prince of Darkness can teach you how to really play that guitar.

He can make you a star.You might think that no one would take him up on this offer, but we have found musicians who, allegedly, thought that this was a great deal.

Lady Gaga says she ‘invited dark spirituality’ into her body early in her career

Pop star Lady Gaga has spoken openly about her membership of the Illuminati for the first time to say that she regrets joining the secret society.Gaga, a sufferer of the painful fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), says she believes her longterm illness is the result of her allowing “dark forces” to manifest themselves in her body when she “sold her soul” to “the Illuminati” early on in her career.

The singer spoke candidly in her upcoming Netflix produced Gaga: Five Foot Two documentary which is meant to be a warts-and-all portrait of the troubled star.However, the final cut appears to be more of a fly-on-the-wall footage montage of rehearsals, studio sessions, public appearances, private late-night conversations, medical appointments, and multiple tearful breakdowns.According to production staff, many of the interview scenes were left on the cutting room floor due to “orders from above”.

When describing some of the more interesting scenes that were cut from the final edit, production staff revealed that Gaga recalled meeting with a Catholic priest to discuss undergoing an exorcism to rid her body of the “dark spirituality” that she invited into her body during “Satanic rituals” early on in her career.She described how she was first inducted into the Illuminati by “donating her soul” which she says took place at a club in New York’s Lower East Side after performing a burlesque show in 2006.Gaga described the experience as “very real and visceral, not metaphorical at all.”

“I had just been on stage, it was a good show, I was high on the love and applause from the crowd.

“I was outside lighting a cigarette, thinking about scoring some more cocaine. “I was aching for more. More of everything. I just wanted to feel good. Feel anything.

“Then this man, a strangely ageless man in a suit, spoke to me. “He was leaning against the wall, smoking, and he said to me ‘I think you’ve got what it takes. Do you want it?’

“I asked what ‘it’ was. I thought he was coming on to me.

“But he smiled and said ‘Everything. Success. Fame. Riches. Power. Do you want it all?’

“I looked at him curiously. I couldn’t work him out. “Then he just stood there and sang one of the songs from my routine earlier.

“It was otherworldly.

“I stared at him like he was a dark jewel dredged up from the deepest ocean.

“I got down on my knees and asked him who I should praise.

“I looked him right in the eye and told him I wanted it all. “I told him I’d do anything.”

Before meeting the man she describes as “my illuminated prince,” Gaga had little commercial success or public recognition, as a struggling performer who mostly played in dive bars, in burlesque clubs, and at late night revues, Gaga was able to create the music and achieve everything she had ever dreamed of, in exchange for one thing: Her “soul”.Outside the Mercury Lounge in New York City that night, Gaga “concluded a deal” with the prince and instantly found that “success was a cinch”.In exchange for her soul, Gaga was able to create the music for which she became famous with the most well-respected collaborators, producers, and promoters in the business queuing up to work with the unknown club singer.

Within one year she was one of the biggest selling artists on the planet.

“His promises came true very quickly.”

“At the start, I thought we made a good team. But it wasn’t long before I began to suffer.”

Gaga has fought with conflicting forces battling for supremacy inside herself for years, and she’s frequently at war with herself in the documentary.One side is driven to perform, whistle the other seems to be struggling with “dark forces”.Gaga has suffered from the physical illness, fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, for years, which she is the physical manifestation of her fight to get out of the Illuminati-controlled record industry and break her contract with the “dark prince”.”They may give you special powers, outer beauty, talent, and wealth for a while… but it doesn’t last,” Gaga said.

“This is the reason why so many people who dabble in the dark arts are so unhappy. They flicker bright like a morning star and then wind up committing suicide or destroying themselves with substance abuse.

“They flicker bright like a morning star and then wind up committing suicide or destroying themselves with substance abuse.”

Lady Gaga has recently announced that she is rescheduling the European leg of her Joanne World Tour, citing the “severe pain” that is impacting “her ability to perform”.In a post from her official Instagram page, featuring a photograph of herself holding a crucifix and praying, she said she had “always been honest” about her physical and spiritual health conditions, and has been “searching for years to get to the bottom of them.”

“As I get stronger and when I feel ready, I will tell my story in more depth and plan to take this on strongly so I can not only raise awareness but expand research for others who suffer as I do, so I can help make a difference,” wrote Gaga.

If you believe this, we have a bridge to sell you! For this list, we’re looking at famous actors, singers, models and athletes often rumored to be part of a high-powered secret society. Our countdown includes Will Smith, Lil Nas X, Lady Gaga and much more! What evidence do YOU have of the Illuminati? Are there perhaps any other explanations?

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 20 celebrities supposedly in the Illuminati. For this list, we’re looking at famous actors, singers, models and athletes often rumored to be part of a high-powered secret society. What evidence do YOU have of the Illuminati? Are there any other explanations? Share in the comments.

Celebrities That Are Supposedly In The Illuminati

Katy Perry

The original Illuminati was actually a Bavarian secret society outlawed at the end of the eighteenth century. But many conspiracy theorists claim they continued in the shadows, orchestrating the French Revolution, the Battle of Waterloo… and Katy Perry’s career. So-called proof includes the fact that her video for “Dark Horse” has an Egyptian theme, involving pyramids and the Eye of Horus, both of which recall the All Seeing Eye – an alleged Illuminati favorite. Her performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards included plenty of occult symbolism, prompting accusations on InfoWars, the website of far-right radio personality Alex Jones, that she’s an “Illuminati Priestess” conducting Satanic witchcraft ceremonies in front of the world.

Katy Perry - Biography - IMDb

Will Smith

It was the slap heard around the world. After Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith at the 94th Academy Awards, Smith stormed the stage and slapped him right across the face. Most viewers saw this as a real feud, but others perceived in the incident the tip of a global conspiracy iceberg. According to them, the slap was actually part of a humiliating initiation ritual for Rock into the Illuminati. Mind you, the incident did a lot more damage to Smith’s career. Regardless, we guess this means that Rock is in the Illuminati now too.

Chrissy Teigen

Sure, the world might look disorganized, with disagreement and competition defining politics and history. Governments face division even within their own ranks. But according to true believers, you shouldn’t believe your own eyes. An elite order is orchestrating world history. An order that includes Chrissy Teigen. The revelation of her Illuminati status came in 2017 after she Tweeted that the plane she and husband John Legend were on had been turned around, because one of the other passengers wasn’t meant to be on it. Astute observers online noted that the only possible explanation was that she was facing arrest for fleeing the country and/or child abuse and/or being in a secret society. She was not arrested, but it’s the only logical explanation, right?!


Some musical artists have embraced Illuminati imagery, filling their musical videos with occult references – inverted crosses, pentagrams, and of course the All Seeing Eye! Ke$ha’s music videos for “Die Young” and “Crazy Kids” are prime examples. Some think that these are subtle winks to other members of the super secret club. So subtle! Others think that it’s all about psychological manipulation. See enough pentagrams, and people will just start worshiping Satan! (You might want to close your eyes for the rest of this video, just in case). Adding fuel to the fire, Ke$ha has an eye tattooed on her hand, and in an interview with “Rolling Stone”, confessed to being the leader of the Illuminati. Well, that’s good enough for us.

Kesha Teases New Music on Instagram Live

Lil Nas X

Illuminati conspiracy theories have come a long way! The original Illuminati opposed superstition, religious control, and abuses of state power. Early conspiracy theorists blamed them for the spread of reason and anti-monarchical, democratic reforms. Today, the Christian right links the Illuminati to Satan worship! That’s quite a turn around. Rapper and singer Lil Nas X certainly leaned into Satanic associations with his music video for “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)”. Is it a middle finger to people who think that being queer is a sin? Or proof that Lil Nas X is in the Illuminati? His release of “Satan Shoes” with blood in the soles excited even more rumors.

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