Indonesia man spends S$3,270 on Taylor Swift S’pore concert for wife

A man was seen in a peculiar shirt at Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” on Mar. 3.

The custom-printed tee showed a breakdown of his expenses to attend the show with his wife.



Image by Mothership reader.
Translated, the shirt says:


“Budget breakdown for Taylor Swift’s concert




Category 1 ticket: IDR21,500,000 (S$1,840)



Flight from Surabaya to Singapore: IDR7,000,000 (S$600)



1-night hotel stay: IDR3,800,000 (S$325)



Food and drinks: IDR3,800,000 (S$325)



Wife’s outfit: IDR1,000,000 (S$86)



Souvenirs: IDR1,000,000 (S$86)



This custom shirt: IDR50,000 (S$4.30)



Total: IDR34,350,000 (S$2,940)








A husband who loves his wife”



Based on his itemised list, the full amount adds up to IDR38,150,000 (S$3,270), instead of IDR34,350,000 (S$2,942) as stated on his shirt.

The wife, as it turns out, is Indonesian online personality Ulfa Merdeka.

Photo from Mothership reader.
If you’re wondering what the front of his shirt says, it roughly translates to: “I’m not a Swiftie but I want to make my wife happy.”



Top images via Mothership reader.



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