Miley Cyrus reveals that Michael Jackson is not d.e.a.d and is in her house! (video)

Miley Cyrus changed the lyrics to one of her songs to honor Michael Jackson!

No Other Pop Artist Will Even Come Close to What Miley Cyrus Did to Honor Michael Jackson

Miley Cyrus is known around the world for being iconic in her songs and for starring in Disney’s Hannah Montanna as the lead actor. With several controversies about her personal life getting leaked in public, people have had a love-hate relationship with Cyrus.

In 2009, however, Miley Cyrus did what many artists have not yet done. Performing at the 02 arena in London where Michael Jackson was about to perform before his untimely death, Miley Cyrus paid tribute to the late start by changing the lyrics to a song.

Miley Cyrus' Flowers

Miley Cyrus’ Flowers

When Miley Cyrus Paid Tribute To Michael Jackson

The Beat It artist was supposed to perform at the 02 Arena in London back in July 2009. Due to a cardiac arrest, however, Michael Jackson passed away on 25 June 2009, leaving the 02 Arena empty for another artist to take the stage.

Michael Jackson in the music video of Beat it

Michael Jackson in the music video of Beat it


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Miley Cyrus, who was still in her Hannah Montanna fame, performed at the 02 Arena in London after some months, and she did not forget Jackson. As per IMDB, the singer changed the lyrics of one of her songs to honor Michael Jackson. Singing Party in the U.S.A., the original lyrics state “And a Britney [Britney Spears] song was on”. 

In memory of Michael Jackson, the singer changed the lyrics to “And a Michael [Michael Jackson] song was on.” And since the King of Pop had passed away recently, the small change in lyrics had a huge impact on the world.

Miley Cyrus Does Not Regret the Nearly Topless Photoshoot of 2008!

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus in Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus in Hannah Montana

After almost losing the throne to Taylor Swift at the Grammys and her often controversial statements, Cyrus revealed a bold statement in a tweet on X. Starring nearly topless in a photoshoot of Vanity Fair back in 2008, the actress had found herself in quite a controversy.

In the TikTok video that Cyrus created, the singer addressed the photoshoot and stated that people had just associated with the bubbly teenager, which she wasn’t.

“This image of me is a complete opposite of the bubblegum pop star that I had been known for being, and that’s what was so upsetting [to others].”

She had further revealed that her family was on-set and they were all comfortable.

“My little sister, Noah, was sitting on Annie [Leibovitz]’s lap and actually pushing the button of the camera, taking the pictures. My family was on set.” 

And to put the final piece in the puzzle, Miley Cyrus took to her X (formerly Twitter) and tweeted three words of “I’m Not Sorry” along with an expletive word to complete the tale!


Well, it happens to the best of us. The singer was last seen in her 2023 music video Miley Cyrus: Used To Be Young, and her album Endless Summer Vacation has been nominated for a Grammy Award. It seems that the singer might win the Grammy this time, but with Taylor Swift in the mix, the chances are not looking in her favor.




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