(X) Lady Gaga Gushes Over Bradley Cooper After Oscar Snub: ‘He’s the Best Director in My Eyes’

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There can be 100 people in a room, and 99 might think you don’t deserve an Oscar nom. Luckily, Bradley Cooper is still the best director in Lady Gaga’s eyes!

The actor, 44, made his directorial debut with A Star Is Born, in which he also acted alongside the “Bad Romance” singer, 32. After the 2019 Oscar nominees were announced on January 22,  many were quick to notice that the Academy snubbed Bradley in the Best Director category.

But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t recognized for his outstanding performance! Bradley’s impeccable work on the film helped him receive Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture nominations.

Still, Lady Gaga thought he deserved more, and made sure her friend got the praise he deserves with some words of kindness.

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“Well, you know, you never know what’s going to happen,” she told the Los Angeles Times. “But at the end of the day, he knows that he’s the best director in my eyes, and in all of our eyes as his cast.

I know that he’s so happy that we’ve all been nominated and that the film was recognized and we all feel really, really beyond elated for the recognition.” So sweet!

Despite everything, Bradley is still thankful. “Everyone who worked on this film truly risked putting themselves out there — in the hope that in doing so people will connect and feel something deep and personal — the way films have made me feel since I was a kid.

When I got this opportunity I knew I had to risk it all because I may never get another chance — so to be here today in a place where people who have seen the film are talking about how it makes them feel, something deep — that simple human thing — that we need each other — and the Academy to recognize that this morning — I just am so grateful,” he said in a statement.

Bradley wasn’t the only one to receive an Oscar nod. The pop star was nominated for Best Actress and couldn’t be more excited about it. “I just started crying,” she told the outlet. Well deserved!

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