(X) When Lady Gaga Graciously Accepted A Ring From A Poor Man And Gave Him Roses And Money

When Lady Gaga won hearts by posing for pictures with a homeless man

Lady Gaga is undisputedly the queen of mainstream electro-pop music, and she has held the title for more than a decade now. After her stellar debut with ‘The Fame’ and the sequel to ‘The Fame Monster’, Gaga cemented her position as an over-the-top star, which was created very rarely in the century. Apart from her camp demeanor, the artist has been the kindest celebrity to her fans.

The Little Monsters, the fandom of Lady Gaga, has been one of the fiercest fandoms. They have been with Gaga since the days when she used to play in underground venues and through her debut album until today. Gaga has always treated her fans well.

So, the world took note of the kind-hearted Gaga when she interacted with a homeless fan who offered her a ring, and in return, she gave him some money and roses, proving she is one of the most magnanimous icons of our times.

Lady Told The Homeless Man Not To Worry As She Smells Too

The homeless man gave Lady Gaga a ring in 2013

In 2013, when Lady Gaga stepped outside her hotel, she, as usual, waited patiently to take pictures with her fans. One of the fans was a homeless man who gave a ring to Lady Gaga. The ‘Artpop’ artist graciously accepted the ring.

However, what Lady Gaga did next has won the hearts of fans and others. The artist went near the man to click a photograph. When she approached him, he said, “But I smell.” Gaga replied, “Don’t worry, I smell too.” While leaving, the Oscar-winning singer gave him some roses along with some cash. This is one of the many incidents that prove that Gaga has a heart of gold.

The Artist Had Won Our Hearts Too Many Times

Lady Gaga at the 2019 Met Gala

Lady Gaga was severely criticized for her outfit choices, which are revered in today’s time. However, due to her opulent dressing style, her kind acts got shadowed behind it. Be it founding the ‘Born This Way’ Foundation or surprising LGBTQIA+ fans and rallying for their rights, these have been some career highlights of the artist.

Lady Gaga once surprised a cosmetology student, Brandon, during a look at the new makeup of Haus Laboratories. He reads a heartfelt letter once he meets him and makes the star teary-eyed. How can we forget the heartwarming interaction between her and Liza Minnelli during the 2022 Oscar ceremony? The artist has been known to give props to the trailblazing women in the industry.

One of the best celebrity appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race Show was Lady Gaga. When she gave notes to each queen, she lauded the vigor and artistry of the LGBTQIA+ community and how they uplifted her during her tough times.

She got banned from performing in Russia after she called for gay rights in the country. The legacy she will be leaving behind is one of kindness, empathy, and resilience.

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