Cardi B pleased her fans and took off her shirt right on stage ( V )

“We gonna keep it sexy,” Cardi B said after donning a bathrobe to finish her Sunday set at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, according to the Tennessean

Cardi B didn’t let a little wardrobe malfunction get in the way of an epic performance at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on Sunday night.

While performing on the stage at the annual summer event in Manchester, Tennessee, the 26-year-old rapper told the audience about the unexpected occurrence, which then caused her to disappear from the stage for a bit.

“I just wanna let y’all know that my outfit rip,” Cardi B said after performing a few songs, the Tennessean reports, before vanishing and then re-taking the stage minutes later in a white bathrobe.

“We gonna keep it moving, baby,” she promised the crowd, according to the outlet. “We gonna keep it sexy. I don’t know how in this [expletive] robe, but we gonna do it!”

Cardi B performs at the Bonnaroo


Cardi B performs at the Bonnaroo

Cardi B performs at Bonnaroo. TIM MOSENFELDER/GETTY

Cardi B performs at the Bonnaroo


After trading her colorful ensembles for the cushy robe, Cardi B led the audience through many of her hits, including “I Like It” and “Drip.”

And she indeed kept it creatively sexy, at one point pulling down the top of the robe and tying it around her waist, exposing a strapless nude bra underneath.

“Ugh a f—ing QUEEN!! 😩😍 she really did that s— even with a wardrobe malfunction she really is THAT bitch. I’m even more obsessed after seeing her in concert,” one fan tweeted, sharing a video of the performance.

“I ❤️ DIS BISH!” another concertgoer wrote on Twitter, alongside a second clip. “@iamcardib ripped her outfit and did the whole show at @bonnaroo in a ROBE okurrrrrrr 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻”

Cardi B performs at the Bonnaroo

Cardi B performs at Bonnaroo. GARY MILLER/GETTY

After recently canceling and postponing a series of shows to recover from liposuction surgery, the singer declared on Twitter Wednesday that she was hitting the gym to avoid ever “getting surgery again.”

“I been working out for the past two weeks cause bitch I ain’t getting surgery again,” she explained, before sharing one positive side effect of her new workout routine: “Let me tell you I haven’t got a headache ever since.”

Days before her tweet, Cardi B shared a photo of her swollen feet to show the negative side effects of her liposuction procedure.

“Look how swollen my feet get every time I take a plane, imagine my body,” the rapper posted on her Instagram story. “Reasons why doctors told me to chill on shows.”

Cardi B


Cardi B Summer Jam


The mom to 11-month-old daughter Kulture Kiari confirmed at the beginning of May that she had liposuction after already revealing that she had a post-pregnancy breast augmentation.

“I shouldn’t really be performing because moving too much is gonna f— up my lipo,” Cardi B told the crowd at the Beale Street Musical Festival in early May. “But bitch, I’m still gonna get my motherf—–g money back, let’s go!”

“You know, I hate canceling shows because I love money,” the singer said during an Instagram Live session later that month. “I’m a money addict, and I get paid a lot of money, a lot of money for these shows … like I’m canceling millions of dollars in shows.”

“But like, health is wealth, so I have to do what I have to do,” she continued. “My breasts gotta f—ing heal, and it is what it is.”

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