While broadcasting live, Cardi B suddenly GIVES TWO SOCCER BALLS for fans to see…

Cardi B mistakenly posted a topless photo online

28-year-old female rapper Cardi B accidentally shared a semi-nude photo on Instagram Story on the night of October 13.

Many fans couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw the selfie Cardi B posted on Instagram Story followed by nearly 77 million people. In the photo, Cardi is shirtless and relaxing on a chair, revealing her two large breasts.

Cardi B accidentally posted a sensitive photo.

Cardi B accidentally posted a sensitive photo.

Soon after, she discovered the problem and deleted the photos. The female rapper confessed her confusion on Twitter: “God, why am I so stupid and retarded? Why? Why?”.

Cardi also said she will try not to think about the accident and “not beat myself up” as punishment. The singer reminded herself that she used to be a stripper.

Cardi B just had a grand birthday in Las Vegas. The lavish party was attended by many friends, even her recently divorced husband, rapper Offset, was present . Offset gave Cardi a new Rolls Royce with a specially designed passenger seat for her 2-year-old daughter, Kulture.

Cardi and Offset (wearing black hats) at the party on October 12.

Cardi and Offset (wearing black hats) at the party on October 12.

Although the owner of the hit song Bodak Yellow just went through a storm in her marriage, she had a brilliant summer with the song WAP . The YouTube music video reached nearly 250 million views and the song climbed to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. WAP was praised for its sex-positive message and attracted attention for its suggestive appearance. feelings of female billionaire Kylie Jenner.

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